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What is Title I - No Child Left Behind?
In 2001, the US congress passed an act "to close the achievement gap with accountability, flexibility, and choice, so that no child is left behind (NCLB)". The goal of this legislation is to improve academic achievement for disadvantaged students. The NCLB legislation created various programs and interventions that would lead to increased academic achievement. One of these interventions was the creation of Supplemental Educational Services (SES).

What is SES?
Supplemental Educational Services (SES) is a free tutoring program. These intervention services are required by law and are offered to low-income children who attend Title I schools that fail to make adequate academic progress for three years. Low income is determined by students who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. SES offers students extra instruction primarily in reading and math. These services are provided by agencies that are described as "providers". Providers are agencies that are separate from the regular school staff, but work in close partnership with teachers and administrators of the school and the district.

How can I find out if my child is eligible for SES services?
Once a school has been identified as "in need of improvement" for two consecutive years, the school districts announce that attending students are eligible to participate in SES. The districts also communicate with parents about the program and make available a list of approved providers. While parents can choose which provider they would like to enroll their children with, only approved providers identified by the state can be used. Providers are required to adhere to instruction methodologies that meet state learning standards and are identified as being research-based. MDEG is a state-approved provider.

When are SES services provided?
Instruction generally takes place after school on a Monday through Friday schedule. In most cases, students are offered transportation home after sessions are completed. At times, teaching may take place in the student's homes or on a Saturday. Because each school district has its own guidelines as to when tutoring can take place, each site is different. Parents can contact MDEG directly to find out more about teaching hours.

What is the cost for supplemental Educational Services?
SES is free to students who attend eligible schools. Through the NCLB Act, the federal government funds the costs of SES through the school districts. Children who are not enrolled in identified schools are not eligible to participate.

I have read that Title I is a "parent-driven" program. What does that mean?
The NCLB legislation recognizes the impact these programs can have when parents take on an active role in helping their children. A parent-driven program is one that recognizes the parent as being in the best position to understand children's needs. Successful parent-driven education programs provide parents with tools and resources they need to help their children. For specific examples of how MDEG promotes parent involvement in its SES programs, please click here.

Can MDEG help my child complete homework?
The SES program functions as an intervention program with the goal of providing students with the skills they need to function more effectively in their classroom and to meet state academic standards. We work to improve basic skills as an SES provider. While these services are not designed to help students complete homework assignments directly, students do strengthen their own skills and will be able to apply those skills to complete regular classroom assignments.

What other services does MDEG provide?
MDEG is an expanding organization. Our staff continues to develop programs that address family literacy, counseling, and professional development. Stay tuned to this website for more information.

I have read that MDEG uses a "research-based" curriculum. What does that mean?
To make an impact on the academic achievement of youth, providers of SES are required to utilize materials and curriculum that have an extensive research foundation. Research-based programs and sound staff development practices ensure that participants have access to various learning tools.

How can I enroll my child in the MDEG program?
Enrollment in SES is done through the school district where your child attends regular school. The district provides enrollment forms for parents during a specific period of time if their children are eligible to participate in SES. Each school district has a different enrollment period. You can find out more about enrollment by clicking the state where you live on MDEG's website. You may also contact us if you need more information.

I have enrolled my child in MDEG. What happens next?
The school districts publish an enrollment period during which parents/guardians can select an SES provider and enroll their children in tutoring. When the district forwards accepted enrollment to the staff at MDEG, we will contact you about the start of sessions. The time line for participation is as follows:

  • A pre-test in Math and reading is administered.
  • Based on the results of the pre-tests, a student plan is created by MDEG staff. The plan is discussed with a parent or guardian.
  • Teaching sessions begin: In each district, a maximum amount is determined. Students are eligible for an average of 30-32 hours of instruction.
  • On-going assessments and progress reports are sent to parents.
  • Post-tests are administered when teaching hours are completed.

If my child attends tutoring after school, does that mean MDEG is associated with the school?
While MDEG partners with school teachers and administrators to fulfill the goals of SES, MDEG is a SES provider and is a separate organization.

Can I call the school if I have questions about my child's SES program?
If you need information about which providers are approved to implement SES, or have questions about general enrollment, you can contact the SES office in your district. (To find your district's information, click here). For inquiries or other issues about attendance, student progress, or transportation, please contact MDEG directly. School administrators do not have specific information about the procedures of MDEG.

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